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A world class production precinct in the heart of a world class African city. Designed for production of dramas, sitcoms, telenovelas, news, sports, advertising shoots and pretty much anything the imagination can conjure, this is where Africa's production stars will without a doubt shine at their brightest.

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Skyrink hosted
The David Tlale Centenary Showcase

Why The carlton centre precinct

Once the tallest building in the southern hemisphere that used to house the rich and famous in Gauteng. The Carlton precinct is the kernel of economic activity as far as the other hubs and precincts present in Johannesburg. Now home of the Transnet headquarters; The Sky Rink Studios will form part of the history of the City of Johannesburg – “A world class African City of the Future’’’. A rich town with rich history host Carlton Centre, South Africa’s tallest building – popularly known as the “Top of Africa”. The Carlton Centre Sky Rink was the place to be as we skated the night away listening to the music in the background. Back in the days Carlton Center Precinct was a symbol of status where the elite wined and dined, it was a place that was associated with wealth and still can be…

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