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The Carlton Centre Precinct

The precinct consists of the Officer Tower, The Mall, The Hotel and ICE RINK. The Carlton Centre is a skyscraper and shopping centre located in downtown Johannesburg, South Africa. At 223 metres, it has been the tallest office building in Africa since 1973. The Carlton Centre has 50 floors.

The Mall

After Transnet moved its own offices there, others trickled in. The centre, after being almost empty, now boasts 93 percent occupancy of its office space and retail occupancy of 65 percent. Today the Carlton Centre is a bustling shopping precinct again, the site of shops like, Pick n Pay, Clicks, Woolworths, Soviet, Aca Joe, Totalsports and Levisons.

The Carlton hotel

The Carlton Hotel was once a rich status symbol for Johannesburg. Henry Kissinger, Francois Mitterand, Hilary Clinton, Margaret Thatcher, Whitney Houston and Mick Jagger were among the hotel's more revered guests during its 25-year history. The Carlton Hotel was closed and mothballed in 1997. Two years later the entire Carlton Centre complex - including the hotel and the city's biggest parking garage, with the famed ice rink on top - was bought by Transnet from Anglo American for R32-million.

The Ice rink

Some say that the Carlton Sky Rink has become the creepiest place since the lights have been switched off and the ICE MELTED but If you’re old enough you’ll cherish its memories. Growing up we were excited, mesmerized by the city lights, rushing traffic and everyone dressed in their best “Jewish”. The Carlton Center Sky Rink was the place to be as we skated the night away listening to the music in the background. Back in the days Carlton Center Precinct was a symbol of status where the elite wined and dined, it was a place that was associated with wealth and still can be…


Carlton Precinct right at the heart of the city with entrances in both commissioner street and main street. The main street gives access within few blocks to Down Town Music studios and Maboneng.

Main Street redevelopment

Sky Rink Studios team approached the city in 2015 to request that Main Street from Ghandi Square TO maboneng be redeveloped. This to make it a corridor that is pedestrian friendly with trees and no parking. This will allow easier connectivity from Carlton Precinct, downtown music studios and maboneng. The city bought into the vision and construction to start 2019.

Downtown Music Hub

DTMH stands as a meeting point for the city’s creative community and a platform for the job creating business networks that support a vibrant, diverse and sustainable music industry. The dynamic space allows us to host music industry related workshops, master-classes and events where industry entrants get the chance to interact with more experienced musicians and producers, encouraging collaboration, growth and learning.


With its beginnings in art, Maboneng has evolved into a collaborative hub of culture, business and lifestyle that entices curiosity, encourages exploration and promotes a sense of urban togetherness. Maboneng is a destination on the eastern side of the city's business district offering retail stores, entertainment venues and restaurants mixed with residential, office and industrial spaces that appeal to a wide variety of people and businesses. A creative take on history, architecture, art and nature, as well as a place for people to proudly call home, Maboneng is the epicenter of the Joburg inner-city renaissance. Submerse yourself in a place alive with vibrant culture, entrepreneurial spirit and a strong sense of community. Live, create and collaborate in a secure neighbourhood with a vision and future unrivalled among the urban set.


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